BL-3GRC V3.0 Released

New features include:

– We’ve more than doubled the internal processing speed, thus allowing the all important 400Hz mode for multi-copters (in fact we can go up to 500Hz, which is the maximum of a lot of the good ESC’s units out there)
– Tri-copter and Bi-copter support
– Gyro function invert with POTs mode (no PC necessary)
– Multi-servo aircraft, 2nd servo range adjust on all 3 axes
– Differential Aileron (to reduce induced yaw during turns due to down aileron drag). This also implemented for delta wing (flying wing) aircraft
– Pass through mode: Each input (6 in all) can pass through directly to the outputs with only the addition of the gyro action to each output. 2 pitch, 2 roll and / or 2 yaw can be set to pass through. In this mode the gyro is no longer in rate mode, but rather in un-commanded mode. Gyro action can be inverted as required
– PC tool read back all parameter from gyro function
– Some bug fixes and changes to default aircraft
– Updated user manual (now called Advanced User Manual)

Bluelight Technologies

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12 Responses to BL-3GRC V3.0 Released

  1. Carl Rich says:

    Hello, I have an F18 with two ailerons operating on seperate channels, two elevators on seperate channels and two rudders and steering all on seperate channels. Could this gyro control at least the seperate aileron servos, seperate elevator servos and just the steering servo? That would be 5 channels.

  2. Yes, the BL-3GRC (v3.0) can be put into pass through mode, so your 6 inputs can be fed directly to the outputs with only the addition of the gyro action. (Gyro in un-commanded mode, not rate mode). Alternatively you could input a single aileron, single elevator and single rudder signal and have the gyro output 2 aileron, 2 elevator and 2 rudder for you (options for range, trim, reversal, and other modifications on a per output basis inside the gyro). Gyro then in rate mode.

  3. Carl Rich says:

    I’m trying to make sure I understand. If my 6 inputs are in pass through mode or Gyro in uncommanded mode does that mean the gyro is not in use? Not stabilizing the aircraft using the 6 seperate channels. This wouldn’t be helpful.

    If one gyro can’t do the seperate channels then could I use two gyros side by side? One gyro would do one elevator servo, one aileron and one rudder servo.

    I understand that if I can get both rudders on one channel and both elevators on one channel and both elevators on one channel then the gyro would work them all using just the 3 channels.

    • In pass through mode the gyro action is still applied to the signals before output. But there is a sharp gain reduction as you go from central stick to the extreme edges of your stick movements. (See v3.0 user manual section 2.2.1). This is a stability mode that stabilizes the aircraft at center stick positions only. If you want to stabilize throughout the whole range of the stick movement then the gyro needs to be in rate mode. In this case a certain stick position (say your want to do a sudden climb) the gyro will know the rate of climb you want and will counter anything that tries to change this, such as a gust of wind.

      If you are happy with un-commanded mode (central stick stability) you can use one gyro only, if you want full rate mode on each of your control surfaces and want to have six inputs from your RC Rx then you can use two gyros no problem.

  4. Carl Rich says:

    Could I use one gyro and use one channel for each rudder, aileron and elevator going into the gyro but on the output side use a Y harness. One side of the Y harness would go directly to one of the aileron servos while the other side of the Y harness would go through a JR Matchbox such that I could reverse direction, set the trim and end points after having gone through the gyro. Would this work? If so I could use a Matchbox to control the 2nd aileron, elevator and rudder servos! I could even run the steering servo off the matchbox controlling both rudders so that the gyro would control steering for take off and landing as well.

  5. Yes you could, however all the JR matchbox features are already inside the BL-3GRC gyro so no need for it or the Y harness. You can just take the 2nd outputs from the gyro with suitably adjusted ranges, offsets and inversion done inside the gyro (set up with the PC tool). Yes, no problem to also stabilize the steering, but if you want to support rudder and wheel stabilization you may need different channels since the gyro gain my need to be different.

    • Carl Rich says:

      Hmmm. So I could set the end points, sub trim, and maximum travel for each elevator servo independently (and reverse one servo) using the gyro? This would accomplish the same as having two channels for the two elevator servos and allow me to use the ‘rate’ stabilization of the gyro.

      • There is a way to change end points, but right now not totally independently (and not so obvious how to do it). We will consider to add better support of this in a later release. If this is an important consideration we’ll write a white paper on this to clarify what is possible now.

  6. martin says:

    Hi my ailerons are reversed and have tried to change them in the menu but no look what am i doing wrong. Also when i turn on the gyro from my TX the rudder and ailerons ather but a few clicks and the plane has to be retrimmed in air

  7. David Gardner says:

    Hi, can I purchase this in the UK?

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