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Please feel free to contact us via this blog with any support issues you may have.

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  1. Lee says:

    hook up as flying wing. controls work ok with tx sticks but gyro move left and right when aircraft is moved up and down and when moved right and left, controls move up and down. Have tried everthing please help.

    • Hi Lee, let’s first start off from the same standpoint. Firstly make sure you have the latest s/w installed from our website downloads page (v2.5) Please ensure you have your Rx pitch control coming into the gyro input1 and roll into input3. Then one servo output (lets say the right one as you stand behind your wing on output3, and the left one on output4). Then please hook up your PC with the config s/w and follow these instructions:
      1) On the Advanced1 tab page please press the start button on top left. As you move your pitch and roll levers please ensure the orange movement bars move the same way as your sticks. If not then you can either invert on your RC Tx with the switchs or menu options (or if you can’t then invert from the basic page tab). Then you can press cancel on the Advanced1 tab page when done
      2) Go to the Quick Start tab page and select the small flying wing option
      3) Go to the Basic page tab and invert output3 from the subtrim and Output Invert section
      4) Press the Send button on bottom right of the basic tab page and wait for all parameters to be sent
      5) Now you can check your wing to see if everything is ok

      I’m not sure the orientation of your servos, but to accommodate any orientations you can use the basic page tab invert options in conjunction with
      the invert option on the mid right of the mixing tab page.

      Please let me know how you get on. If you still have problems please send me a picture of your system at


  2. Carsten says:

    Hi Mark,
    I ordered a bl3-grc in the USA. Installation is easy and I have everything connected correctly. Using a switch on my RC RX to input 7.
    The green LED flashes and the gyro is working properly. When I put the switch to off, the green LED is off but the gyro is still working. What is wrong?

    • Hi Carsten,

      Firstly did you upgrade both PC s/w and Gyro f/w to V3.0? After you do this you will need to SEND the data from the PC to the gyro as per your set up. When Gyro is set to OFF the green LED should only light up when an angular rate is applied. You will only notice the gyro not working when connected to servos. ie the normal control of the servos works normally as you move your RC Tx sticks, but the gyro effect will not be added.

      • Carsten says:

        s/w is 3.0
        When switch is on, servo move and Gyro work, if i move the plane. If switch Gyro off, servos also move like Gyro on but green LED is off.
        Is it possible to change Take Off mode to Anti Crash Mode with a Swith on RX? I think this will be perfect for beginners.

      • It could be that your min max are not set up for the throttle / programmable strobes from the Adv1 tab page, please send through your set up file and we’ll take a look. Currently we only support one or the other, but will look into offering both options

      • Carsten says:

        s/w and f/w is 3.0
        If Gyro is set to OFF, green LED is also off but the Gyro effect is added when move the Plane. Same effect like Gyro ON.

  3. Carsten says:

    I think, this is the right way. When I turn throttle to ~ 50% by RX, Gyro can set to Off.
    Hope my Set Up File can help you to find the Problem. But now I find a Bug more. At Adv1 I can change the Range for YAW, ROLL and PITCH. When I set YAW to – 80%, my Engine starts.
    Only by set YAW. Roll and Pitch is OK. What is it?

    • On Adv1 page there is a set-up to match the gyro to your particular RC Tx. For many transmitters they output 2000 max and 1000 min us pulses. For Futaba it is 1940 max and 1100 min. I’m not sure what you mean when you set yaw to 80%. Also how have you connected your engine to the gyro? Can you send your set up file and explanation as to how you are connecting things up to us?

  4. Carsten says:

    Hi Mark, do you get my Feedback for s/w 3.1 test ? The Bug with Yaw Range is solved. But the Problem with Gyro set to OFF is still present. Only after take off in take off Mode it´s possible to Set OFF the Gyro with a Switch.

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