BL-3GRC Newest and most Advanced RC Gyro / Controller / Stabilizer

The newest and most advanced RC Airplane Gyro Stabilizer / Controller on the market is here


For expert and novice pilots alike, with Quick Start and Advanced features anything is possible.
Here are just some reasons why you might want to buy one:

I fly fast and want fast gyro response but my RC Tx only outputs pulses at 15ms. Would be good to increase to say 6ms to support my fast digital servos
-with the BL-3GRC YOU CAN

Would be good to fly my delta wing slowly on landing to save on runway length
– With the BL-3GRC YOU CAN add flaperon function even for delta wing

I have a big aircraft which needs lots of runway to land. Some sort of speed brake would be good
– with the BL-3GRC YOU CAN with two stage flaps, third stage ailerons up for air-brake / ‘crow’ function

I have a big beast of a plane with dual wing servos, even two opposing servos for the rudder. Would be good to have just one controller
– With the BL-3GRC YOU CAN with two configurable outputs per axis

I like to teach my novice friend how to fly but he has a habit of veering off to the side of the runway on take-off. Would be good to have very large gyro rudder gain just at take off
– with the BL-3GRC YOU CAN

Would be good not to have to re-trim my aircraft after a long time or remember which RC Tx has the trim saved. Great if the gyro can automatically save the trim settings
– with the BL-3GRC YOU CAN just pick up any RC transmitter and set all trims to zero

I like to fly fast but want good stability during slow landings with flaps or flaperons
– with the BL-3GRC YOU CAN set real time two gain switch for fast / slow flying

I am a bit of a novice and only have a small area to fly in, would be good to find a way to keep the turns tight and stop flying away so far. I’m still a bit nervous about using the rudder myself, would be good if some rudder could be applied during my turns
– with the BL-3GRC YOU CAN

I have a foamie flying wing aircraft would be good to hide a controller inside the wing
– with the BL-3GMod YOU CAN. The MOD version is a small 35mm square, thin PCB, you can cut off or de-solder the pins, connect (solder) only the inputs and outputs you want, and have a flying wing with controller / flaperon function / gyro buried inside.

Such a low price too, talk about a game changer! I work for Bluelight so don’t take my word for it, check out the user manual and PC set up s/w before you buy.

Check out what others are saying on RCGroups forum here

And on Youtube..
Set up

Get yours today

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