Welcome to the Bluelight Technologies Blog

Bluelight Technologies is this month announcing the mass production start of its BL-3G Gyro / Aircraft controller for the RC hobby market. The module version (BL-3GMod) will be available for engineers interested to evaluate the ST chips used. Primarily the ST L3GD20 MEMS based 3 axis ultra stable gyro. The BL-3GRC comes in full retail kit form and is known as the ICE-MAN gyro.

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6 Responses to Welcome to the Bluelight Technologies Blog

  1. steve says:

    What’s Meta?

  2. Eric Strefford says:

    Is it possible to have an aircraft such as the Eurofighter using elevons and a separate elevator servo operating the canard? With all servos under the control of the unit?

  3. Hi Eric, sorry for the late reply, if you have everything set up with say one output per control surface, you can then use the second output to control the canard elevator. However if you have elevon mix set up then I’m afraid you would also get this on the second output too, the only thing you could do is reverse its direction of operation.

  4. Eric Strefford says:

    Thanks for reply my only other thought then would be to use a “y-lead” on the elevator from the receiver with one output going to your unit for elevon mix and the other feeding a separate servo for the canard this would obviously not be under control of the stabiliser but might not be critical, I suppose one could install another stabiliser just for this additional elevator.

  5. Hi Eric, Yes exactly.

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